How to Create a online H2H quiz?

I’m developing a simple quiz game. But I want some more. I want two player quiz kind of H2H and fastest answer to decide the winner. But have no idea how to develop it on this platform. Anyone interested or have some suggestion, please reply.

You need to use any online server to do that like firebase, mysql database, but don’t use airtable as it allows maximum of 5 user request per second, the fastest would be firebase. There are many guides for a quiz and koded apps for quiz


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This is not the way we work, he should work himself so he can learn how to overcome difficulties when any faced

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You also know this is not a basic app and want to maintain secrecy and i newer asked for money to anyone because we all are learning.

I’m new here. Not have any experience. But I want to make this type of app on my own. I have finished with a splash screen, log in and home screen but not have any idea about the firebase database. Can anyone elaborate? Also, all the resources you have shared are related to a simple one player offline quiz. I want two players H2H type app. Where tapping speed will decide the winner.

That is great that you are not charging an anyone but let the users learn by own if they have doubt solve it in community

There are many videos related to learning firebase, you can learn it from there

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Why posting links to videos make sure they are in English.

And videos is not in english language.
Don’t post again which is not in english

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I Have made A Demo app with friebase here is the sample apk .Its simple but you have to understand the logic how to connect two user in one project bucket …its kind a send request to server join quiz .when a next user trying to play he also check that is any data have in user request if have then got the other user info and store the both user data in one project bucket .but you have to think about the firebase data change component this is the major key to create head to head to any game for two user or multiple user
Battle_Quiz (42).apk (6.5 MB)

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