[PAID] AgoraRTC - Real time communication with voice and/or video

it’s a paid aix, no demo aia.

Hello friend, I’m the one who has been writing you by mail

You have any video tutorial for setup agora.io ?

Test apk link

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updated at 2021-8-27
version 2 is total re-write one, used webview +html+ javascript+css, easy deploy, easy to use.

Blocks and usage:

URL: STRING, where the html file located, you can upload it to your server. it should be start with “https”

AppId:STRING, get this from agora.io

Token: STRING, get this from agora.io, normally no need to use this block.

Channel: STRING, can be any random string, do not use special characters.

VideoResolution:STRING, the resulution of the video, one of 360p, 480p, 720p, 1080p

ViewStyle: NUMBER, 1 or 2, means how to show the videos(local and remote), 1 for grid view, 2 for thumbnail view (tap on one thumbnail it will become big one):

Initialize: connect to the URL and bind to one vertical or horizontal layout where the video (local and remote) will be shown inside.

JoinChannel: self explained.

LeaveChannel: self explained.

SwitchCamera: self explained.

SetVolume: self explained. vol: NUMBER, 0-200

Initialized: triggered by Initialize function. support:BOLLEAN, means the phone is supportting this extension or not.

Joined: triggered by JoinChannel function. Local user will get this event. userid: local user id

OtherJoined: triggered by JoinChannel function. Remote user will get this event. userid: remote user id

OtherLeft: triggered by LeaveChannel function. Remote user will get this event. userid: remote user id

Clicked: when you tap on the layout

OnError: when any error aroused.

DEMO apk:

give me private message if you want.

Please Give This Extension Free It Is So Useful

Well If a dev works hard for something, he can charge for it

Can you add block camera on off. I want to user only watch me

Maybe when i am available at weekend.

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How many People is the Maximum Connection of this?

According to the official document, it support up to 17 person in one channel.

Hello developer, can you make extension for interactive live streaming?
Please check this

Read this

Here sdk

i want to buy it, plz contact… us

You should have been mention which php , html , js script you have used from github because there are many files there :cold_sweat::cold_sweat::cold_sweat:

already pm you

after payment you will know.

I know how to make video call app without any extension , I have made 3+ project and I experience on it but I am asking because I did not found grid view and vertical view on any github page so I asked , I did not know that you have made your own php and html , js for it, Sorry for it :cold_sweat::cold_sweat:

lease contact to me…i want