[PAID] AgoraRTC - Real time communication with voice and/or video

How many People is the Maximum Connection of this?

According to the official document, it support up to 17 person in one channel.

Hello developer, can you make extension for interactive live streaming?
Please check this

Read this

Here sdk

i want to buy it, plz contact… us

You should have been mention which php , html , js script you have used from github because there are many files there :cold_sweat::cold_sweat::cold_sweat:

already pm you

after payment you will know.

I know how to make video call app without any extension , I have made 3+ project and I experience on it but I am asking because I did not found grid view and vertical view on any github page so I asked , I did not know that you have made your own php and html , js for it, Sorry for it :cold_sweat::cold_sweat:

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I wrote a private message to you developer. Please read

is it possible to have a detailed guide for the configuration of the project on AGORA.IO? thanks to anyone who can do it

If @Gian_Luca you find on github and it is possible without extension

Yes this canbe done without extension.
pls refer here:

Version 2 of this extension use same technology.

So , in version 2 do you have used a webviewer and html, js , css in extension development only ?

yes as you said

i downloaded the aia file, i created an account on agora, i copied the App ID in the app. When I start the app after doing the apk the app closes immediately. What am I doing wrong ? you can help me ? Thank you

sorry but you need to ask in the thread of that tutorial.

You should create a new topic for it

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