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I created a video call application using Kodular + Agora. With it you can make video calls even in groups, with excellent control and response. Well, is a video call service, which has more than 200 data centers distributed around the world to guarantee ultra low latency (~ 300ms) and resilience to packet loss (up to 70%). All with 10,000 free minutes per month. In this application I used the CustomWebVideo extension from @vknow360 and the ListPermission created by me. The so-called video page is a responsive local HTML page, which allows for the greatest adjustment in the size of your device.


To use, create an account, right after, create a new project and just copy the AppId to your application. If you choose to generate a token, you will need to copy Appid, Channel, Token to the application.
If you need to start a call it is very simple, only you and your friend must be connected on the same channel and on the AppID. I left an AppID defined in the application for you to test.


4.Blocks procedures

To simplify the implementation, I created some procedures based on the web console.

Note: The HTML page I obtained from github and made modifications reducing bugs and increasing practicality.


Extensions replaced by download links by Taifun






Good work , but how we can join other on video call

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Choose a random name for your Channel, for example “kodulartest”. In AppID use what I left or create an account. On both phones, enter the same AppID and channel.


  • AppID: 6e7011fc8fc2401b8a7a4df1b7956ee6
  • Channel “kodulartest”


  • AppID: 6e7011fc8fc2401b8a7a4df1b7956ee6
  • Channel “kodulartest”

Excellent work.

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I replaced the extensions by the download links…
never post extensions if these are not your own, link to the extensions page instead
thank you



Thank you!

Thanku for this unique aia and idea
Its really owsm work keep up the good work and best of luck​:+1:
Is free?
What are its limitations and prices please add these too

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Hm … I don’t know what’s going on. I tried on another account and it is working perfectly, try to import again.

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everything is super

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I just updated the aia file, because I noticed a remnant of other previously used libraries that are not present in the project.

Look how wonderful, I created an extension capable of transforming the screen into Picture-In-Picture.


Good work I really appreciate this kind of work for community.

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can u make animation for image sprite


Hi… i really appreciate your work… But today I check the app & when I am talking to my friend from that app a irritating sound is coming…

I think you have to check that…


Okay, I’ll check!

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Ya please… By the way awesome work…

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I just updated, see if the problem is resolved. Thanks for the feedback!

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Will check it soon & tell you…

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