Group Messenger

What is the name of your app?

Group Messenger.

Describe your app:

Group Messenger is an app where you can chat in a group with others, you can share videos, photos, and send audio messages. You can do videocalls with unlimited people.
You can invite people via a QR Code or sending a message via another app, or, if you want, you can copy your “Group ID”. You can identify a member by the “UserID”. You can use a profile photo and change your name.
Group messenger have a good personalization configurations, where you can set the app theme to dark or light, you can change languaje to spanish or english, and you can change the messages backround color to a beautiful gradient.

What is a Group ID?

A group id is a unique name with which the person who has it can join.

What is a User ID?

A User ID is an unique identifier of a person that uses Group Messenger.


App Store/Download link:

I’m from Argentina and I’m 15 years old, I would like that you download my app


If you want that I include anything, you can write to this topic, I will see it and probably, in the next update, the thing that you want will be included.


Nice Work , Keep It Up

Edite :
I Have Installed And Join Group Named General Group Chat I Notice That Every Time When I Enter In The Group My Message Direction Changed Means When I Was Type Hi Message So My Message Was Normal In The Bottom And When I Go Back And Re Inter To The Group It’s Gone Top And When I Re Inter It’s Come Center

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Hi @Srrazmi!
Yes I know that the General Group section have several problems and bugs. For this reason, I will delete this section, and I will replacr it with a Private Messenger.

Sorry for the mistake!


I have found the solution, the bug is occasioned because in the last version I changed the tags that the messages saves, and thats alters the order that the messages are saved, the solution is that I need to reset all the databases​:disappointed:

(The problem isn’t with my app, the problem is with my databases)

There are the tag difference:


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Is App Updated ?

Yes, is updated, and the problem is in my previous post!


Looks Great :+1::+1:

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hello your application is great

question 1 how did you make a video chat in kodular io
Did you buy the add-on from the developer or did you get an agora or a different method?

Question 2 Will you share AIA :upside_down_face: :upside_down_face: :upside_down_face:

thank you

Answer N°1: I have used Video call [FREE]: Using project by @jarlissonlira2.

Answer N°2: No, because I have credentials, tokens & passwords in this project, but I can make another topic, with a tutorial to use Video call [FREE]: Using

Do you want it?

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  • No

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Hello, I want to use the free agora in my project but it doesn’t work.

The reason is that it does not work on a screen other than screen 1, I want to do it on a different screen.
if you help
I’m getting a white screen error while on another screen

thank you

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Yes i know that, I tried to help you in other topic, but i couldn’t haha :sweat_smile:.

But this time I will try to help you :tipping_hand_man:t2: :grin:.

I’m sorry I don’t understand your post completely, I’m sorry here I want you to help me run agora io on a different screen than screen 1. :grin: :grin: :upside_down_face:

by the way, thank you very much

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Don’t worry haha, I will create a new topic with a detailed tutorial and I will mention you!

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Thank you very much I am looking forward to

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Do you know that the videocalls doesn’t work in companion?
Only works in apk!

yes why did you ask :upside_down_face: :upside_down_face: :upside_down_face:

Hi :kodular:oders!

Im working on a new update of Group Messenger:


  • New login system (Email, password, phone & Group Messenger UserID)

  • Compatibility with phone numbers

  • Bugs fixed

Thanks you for supporting this project!

Release date: Coming soon


ur ui is so clean.what shall i say?

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Hi Koders!



Do you like the Login & Register UI design?

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A big update is coming!

-New login system with e-mal, phone number, password and a Group Messenger UserID.

- New UI design (Join group, Create group, User profile config).

- New active groups view.

- New app icon.

- Change group name

- Minor bugs fixed

Future updates:

  • Contact Sync

  • Private Messaging

  • Set group image

  • Encrypted messages

  • Login with Google & FaceBook

Do you like the new app icon?

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