Video call app with chat [Free]


I created a video call application using Kodular + :kodular:

Name of the app is venkat’s Zoom images_(2)

2.Describe your app:

I am introducing Video call app.And this app is free to everyone.

In this app you can start video call :camera_flash: between two persons. You can also have chat between two persons.

I used the CustomWebVideo extension and the ListPermission extension.
I used customWebvideo extension to load html code. And ListPermission extension for asking permission.


4.App Store/Download link:

Download- venkat’s Zoom.apk (click here)

5.New Update:

  1. In this new update the meeting is made more secure with password :lock: :closed_lock_with_key:

  2. Now there is meeting history

  3. There is Screenshot option also

  4. And the are many other options

6.Latest Version Of App:

Version Code: 1
Version Name: 1.0


I shall bring New Updates when Improved
You can comment and help me to improve this app

Try The App Now
I Hope You Love:heart: This App :slightly_smiling_face: :blush: :+1:

…Thank You…


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I Removed it. This was my first post so I didn’t know

Nice app @Venkat1 please improve your app and send aia file

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to improve the designer take a look at this site here

which service you use ? agora? sinch?

I am using scaledrone server

can i get aia file ?

first of all I wonder about the application is great scaleddrone server, how did you connect it to kodular AİA can you share it

can i get aia file please

New Update of the app is posted in the above Download linkimages_(2)

Now the app is very cool and good

In this update Many new features have been added

Please download the app and give the Review below

…Thank You…

aia ???

thank you

It is just a simple Webview App With Some Buttons

Just google github and Scaledrone You Will get code Host the script in Any Free hosting then use it in your app @FIKIR_KUMESI

I have added many other features like history , password and many more

You download it and see

I am curious about the content of this application for her, otherwise there are better applications.

thank you

Yes I Never Told That You App is Not good I just Told that It can Be Done Using Webview and Scaledrone

Yes I saw Your App it was Nice

Even I modified the html code to improve the video size and other

Thanks for replying :slightly_smiling_face:

You Can give Credits to To the Github Repo