[PAID] Basic Game Hangman AIA & APK - UPDATED

Hangman is a classic word game where you have to guess as many secret words as you can.


  • Music and sounds
  • Animation
  • Balance score (time/errors)
  • Progress bar variable (success/error) word
  • Level badge
  • 5 to 10 letters
  • Automatic language (EN/ES/PT)
  • +10000 words (for json)
  • Offline


Does not require a premium account to compile, it is not monetized, it only has an example banner

Updated: the Portuguese language was integrated

Test Apk:

How could I purchase?
DM me

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testing the app

Thanks friend, the PT language is not yet loaded in that apk, the start function is but not the json, that’s why the list is empty. I will update it for tomorrow

I uploaded it again, the PT language is disabled, it should start by default in EN.

it’s still like that.

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It is a problem with the Portuguese language that is not loaded, I will do it for tomorrow, thank you very much and sorry

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