[PAID] BookFlipView - Make your Image Curl


Hello :kodular:oders, Today I am publishing My Super Special extension BookFlipView extension.


When we creating PDF and stories app . Then , we can use this extension to allow the PDF pages to curl like flipping a page. It gives awesome UI


Really excited to tell about this extension . This extension allows you to Curl a Image like when we Flip the page in the book . Let me show you a Preview :

Blocks to create this Preview

blocks - 2020-12-11T001922.737

In my Childhood, I seen a app with this features . So, i create this extension

Pictures of Blocks

blocks - 2020-12-11T003919.744


Blocks Description
component_method (22)228x78 This is the Main Block. You just need to add a Vertical Arrangement in layout parameter and add a list of images in images parameter
component_method (20)241x29 The Block is for going on Previous Image
component_method (21)214x29 The Block is for going on Next Image
blocks - 2020-12-10T225023.385301x29 The Property is for Entering in Mode . We have two modes - CURLMODE_SIMPLE = 0 and CURLMODE_DYNAMIC = 1
blocks - 2020-12-10T225152.957315x29 The Property is for Changing the Speed of curl
blocks - 2020-12-10T225207.722353x29 The Property is for Changing the InitialEdgeOffset
component_set_get (5)212x25 This returns the Mode - 1 or 0
component_set_get (6)217x25 This returns the Curl Speed
component_set_get (7)255x25 This returns the InitialEdgeOffset
component_set_get (8)280x25 This returns True if Mode = Dynamic Curl Otherwise False

Thanks to @Mohamed_Tamer

API Requirement

No Need of API , it works on all Android Device because it is created using canvas.


More Blocks are on the Way. Here is one example

component_method (23)

Don’t worry , you will get the Update :shushing_face:

What if i have small size images

Don’t worry, you can also change the size of your arrangement . And believe me it’s fully customisable


Paytm - Rs. 470 (A user tell me to reduce the price)
PayPal - $5.60
(You can PM me for discussing the price)

To purchase the aix - PM me


I will provide you two aia files.

Hope you like my extension :heart:


Amazing Extension :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

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thanks :heart:@Titan_geek

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great job fantastic


So sad​:cry:, this can’t work with text??

means it’s made for gallery apps… if you can make text part also( this time quite different from boolong turns):wink:

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Congratulations on the extension.


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wow Amazing Extension :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

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Add click event feature

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Good work and amazing extension :star_struck:

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You can use component to image extension to get the image of text and then, BookFlipView extension with image

BTW, all things are created in your arrangement then , your arrangement on click event is the best way to detect clicks

Excellent extension

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Wow, That’s the Best Extension @AryanGupta.
:heart_eyes: :thumbsup:

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Nice Extension :cowboy_hat_face:

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Thanks to @Titan_geek , @Salman_Dev , @msr79526 , @Maayur , @ramrajput200021 , @topgatgets , @Douglas_Maueski , @ammarwhite and @Learn_Engineering


I really liked your extension @AryanGupta :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

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thanks @Alaqmar_Bohori

Amazing extension! Can you add an option to use layouts? That way we can do much more custom things (like a book app)


there is already a block for it

in Layout , you can add the arrangement

I meant it would be possible to add a layout like the input of the images (I’m sorry if I did not write clearly)

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