[Paid] πŸ“… Booking App, user app + admin app to book appointments

Can you create an app focused on Restaurants? To manage orders between the Whoever serves them and the clothesline, towards the diners(Comensales).

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yes, send me PM

Hello. I would like to know the value of the application and wanted to see how the schedules arrive.

Wow :flushed:. …

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Hi How to Get that Admin App

Welcome to the community @Surya_Swaroop. Since you are a new member in the community you can not send personal messages for now, but I’m sure the developer will get in touch with you soon. Be patient

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Okay Thank You :slightly_smiling_face:

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Very nice project

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Nice app. How can i get aia file.
Thank you.

I want this aia ! How can I buy or download?

Great app can i test the admin app thanks

I sent you PM

@Franklin_Lopez Which Font Icon you use it here or its just an SVG or image file kindly tell me i really appreciate that.
Thanks in advance

Thanks man @Franklin_Lopez

Interest your app, pls pm me

hey , how to reach you??
We should talk

I sent you PM

Hello @Franklin_Lopez

i am interested in the app. How much is the price.

I need few more info…

  1. How many extensions used in this project?
  2. What is used in back-end for database (Firebase etc)?
  3. How fast you can deliver the aia after payment?
  4. Will you provide bug fix support or enhancement if required ?


Hello @Franklin_Lopez … can we consider sales for this app is now stopped ? I see no response?