[PAID] Custom Chat View - An Extension for creating chat view

Great Work! :star_struck:

I have a suggestion if possible.

Could there be a block that makes us able to add messages automatically through the output of the Get Messages block?

Have you noticed

hi guys and thanks Sumit. Is the .aix file in the first post the final one of the last update?
Has the price of your work been reached?

Please read
:point_down: :point_down: :point_down:


I did not understand this post. I had read it. Has the total been collected?

Yes, collected

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Thanks, I’m sorry but I couldn’t understand the post well

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Thank you so much for sharing! Have a great day!


is there any block for “message Image Loaded” because it doesnt scroll down correctly while image is loading

My audio block not working properly

I think that block doesn’t recognise path properly .

Is there any solution?

Wow nice extension I have been looking for but I have one question!
At the moment can we be able to create group chatting app with adding a profile image of sender and receiver as well?

You might read the release post once. Don’t do the staff blindly.

Not possible at this moment.

What impressed me with your extension was only the adding audio but if you can add user avatar it could be the best ever.
Please can you add the avatar user for a receiver and sender?


can you send video in this extension?

Thank you very much For you efforts Can you add Avatar ability ?? IT is needed

How could I save the Chat History?

Hi, thanks a lot for the extension.

The only problem is I can’t seem to make the audio bar to move while playing and to seek to the bars position and when the audio ends its stays at pause.

Below are my blocks can you please help with this?

Hi @ovehbe , currently this extension is not much familiar with audio messages. So I won’t recommend you to use them currently. I am working on my all of old extensions(that needs) to provide a final stable version of them. I will soon update this extension as well. Next update of this extension will support the audio message fully with proper customisation. From next update, the extension will be using it’s own inbuilt audio functions. You won’t needed any third party component or extension to play audios. However, it would take me more time so be patience.

Thank you


Got it, thanks a lot for the amazing extension. I’ll be waiting for next update! :slight_smile:

Also I’d like to donate to awesome extension developers like you, But you always use paypal and I can’t use it in Turkey. I wish if Kodular would make an inbuilt system for that.