[PAID] Custom Chat View - An Extension for creating chat view

Please explain me how to save the chat History

Hello. Aix is ​​great but something seems to be missing, it will be more awesome if user profile is added

yeah, we need that :sleepy:

Using tinyDB


Hi ! i solved Audio message progressbar problem

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Try to move that slider randomly and you will know the issue.

There are many peoples who purchase my extension from turkey by bank transfer. Paypal is only posted since other info are not allowed to post on community.

Hello. I hope all is well with you.
Thank you for your work.
I want to ask you a question: how much do you need to make the improvements described in the feed for this extension (independent audio and customization, avatar and others that you think are necessary) ?

yes, let us know how much more you need to get your job done

Hi guys, I’ve been following Sumit for a long time, he is very good and with his extensions he has made our life easier. I think you all agree.
Now he needs the help of all of us with some contributions to be able to complete this job that he has promised.
I donated a small amount this morning and please do the same so that Sumit can get to work.
Thanks and everyone.


help Post
on companion it works fine, but when i compile the apk after intsall the app doesn’t work.i mean when i open the chat screen it back to the home screen.I am using App inventor builder.

[ plz ignore my bad english]

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Then ask in the App Inventor community, add a link to this thread here and as well a screenshot of your relevant blocks


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Is there any way to go direct in the bottom position or last message?
Because if we use scroll to bottom block than it scroll with smooth scrolling and take much time to scroll down and if there are 1000+ chats message than i think it will take 20 minutes to go last message

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Hello everyone

I am making a chat application by this extantion and I have been trying for a while to add the feature of loading more messages when I drag the chat to the top. Does anyone know how to do that?

How you solved this? Can you show us your blocks?

I used clock timer.
First i get length of music(total time) than i use these blocks
1 : when i click on audio message than clock timer start.
2 : when clock timer started than i join audio progress block(chatview) to timer blocks and add get position + 1 every second increase numbers.
3 : when clock time = to length of music than timer stop.

So you can also add the logic of scroll thumb position of music using clocks timer or this logic

One thing that i noticed in this extension and i don’t like this block.

Scroll to position.
Because this block scroll the position as smooth scroll.
If there are thousands of messages than i think it will take hours to go end position

Suggestion: Developer needs to add direct scroll to position
Or direct scroll to end or top

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i am intrested to buy but before i want to know, does this extension work with firebase for one to one chat? show blocks please

does this extension also play the audio, vídeo ?