[PAID] ESC/POS Thermal Printing extension (Bluetooth/Network)

i need this extension can pm me

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I bought this extension and it is very good with Bluetooth, but with the network it has a problem with the automatic cutting of paper after printing, knowing that my printer has cutting on other than programs I tried, but with this extension there is a glitch. I contacted the programmer, but he did not solve the problem until now. Please solve the problem My printer model: x10

Nice extension,
I’m interest your extension.
Please send us about your Paypal account.

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Nice extension :grinning:

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Sorry for the inconveniece. The commands generated on this extension follow the ESC/POS standard.

The cutting issue is not related to the extension but with some printers.

Some models are ok just with the cutting command after you print something.
But others requerie the following:

  • Send the commands with the printing of your desire
  • Then send a feed line command
  • Then send the cut paper command
  • Finally send another feed line command.

Give it a try and let me know.


Did you update the extension? because it has an error with android 12 as mentioned in @Taifun post above
I’m already purchased the extension

Could you confirm if this really works?

There’s no need to update the extension for two reasons:

  1. The solution i’ve posted works.
  2. My extension doesn’t manage the bluetooth connection (i’ll explain below)

I use this same extension for my own Point of sale application and it really works.
Here’s an screenshot of mine when the permission popup shows.

Tested on Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 with Android 12.

My extension only does the conversion of the Esc/Pos commands or bytes, it doesn’t manage any connections to the printer. You have to use the inbuilt Bluetooth component in order to connect to the printer.

So in any application you create whether you use my extension or not and you connect to a Bluetooth device using the inbuilt component you need to add this permission in android 12 or greater.

I could add the permission directly on the extension, but i don’t do it as maybe some users want only to print via Network using the included simple socket extension.

Here’s the popup on English:

Maybe it could alarm some users. It’s better to have this as an option and not obligatory.
So the best solution is to add it in Kodular blocks when you know your app will need it



I need this extension and already PM you @mmnettime for further steps.



I need this extension, please advice me for further steps.


Hi. Can this extension print text in Thai?

Hello, can you send me a MP so I can make the purchase?
since the option does not appear

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Do you have a sample apk to test if it is compatible with my printers?, I require this extension for my app but I need to know if it will work.


Can you send me details on how to purchase this ?


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I need this extension, please tell me how to buy it

hello, does it render html print???

Im want to buy this pos extention can you please send pm and a test app thanks

Has anyone been able to contact the developer? I need this extension, how do I get it?
I’ve tried PMing the developer, no response yet…

I can buy it a long time ago, I think it was one of the last times the developer was active

I apologize to all the user i couldn’t reply to. I had some personal issues so i wasn’t offering the extension. I will respond all DM’s now on.