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Extension Highlighter


It is a big problem that Appinventor clones don’t have a feature to long press on a label and select text.

With the help of this extension, you can highlight specific text on the components Label, Button, and TextBox, whereby you can find or highlight text.

You can set highlight color, bold, italic and make your highlighted text find easily.

Methods and Properties

Method Description


Highlight text.
  • text -string to be highlighted.
  • onComponent - Wehther lable,button or textbox.
  • textColor- color of highlighted text
  • hlColor -highlight color.
  • bold - true/false
  • italic - true/false
  • matcher - senstive/insensitive
  • image

    Matcher for method Highlight.
  • text -string to be highlighted.
  • SensitiveMatcher - Highligh exact text as you passed(eg: if entered small letter highlight small letter)
  • InsensitiveMatcher - High all ,wether capital or small
  • Preview Video


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