[PAID] FCM - Firebase Cloud Messaging | Push Notifications :firebase:

Firebase cloud messaging is one of the reliable ways to send push notifications across devices. Extension provides the latest implementation of it. :slight_smile: Especially customized accordingly to Kodular.


Documentation of all the available blocks.


  • Event fired when succeeded to subscribe to a topic.


  • Similarly, when the attempt to subscribe gets failed, this event is called.
    • message: the error message or the reason


  • When unsubscribed successfully from a topic.


  • When retrieved the Firebase Instance Token.
    • creation: creation time of the token
    • expiration: expiration time of the token.


  • Event fired when Firebase Instance Token got deleted successfully.


  • Block to set up the Firebase configuration.
    • projectId: Project Id in this case is the Project Name in Firebase.


  • A block to get the instance Id of the user.
    • forceRefresh: if the data should be refreshed before retrieving it.


  • Deletes the Firebase instance token.


  • A block to send notification and data to other users.
    • topic: topic to send at
    • notification and data: information in dictionary format.

The above blocks is the example.


  • Subscribes to a topic. It will listen to incoming data in the background.
    Including non-notification data.


  • Unsubscribes from a topic.

Cool Thing

You can do one cool thing more using the extension.

Whenever you receive notification or data in the background, at the time, you can also call a procedure right away :wink:

This also works if the app is in background.

So in Screen1, you just need to create a block called receivedRemoteMessage with an argument. The argument will be a dictionary with the data element received.

The notification should not be handled by default FCM.

Powered by the Itoo framework.


It is a paid extension, since they are not easy to make.

Price USD: 20$
Indian National Rupee: 1600 INR


Tested with Android 12 (left) and Android 13 (right)
make sure to ask notifications permission from android 13 and above

Thanks, if interested leave a reply or message me.


Wow great​:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

  1. Can we send notifications from firebase console?
  2. Does it work on Android 12 and 13?

Can you add custom sound option?

Yep, you can do that.

Yeah, it does work, tested on Android 12.

I’m not sure what exactly, but I can customise it according to your needs :slightly_smiling_face:
PS: I have added that feature.

Hi good morning, I have some questions:

  1. can I use this extension in a chat, every time I send a message in the chat the recipient receives a beep alert and a visual alert at the top of the bar?
  2. if I buy can you send me a complete example of the blocks to use to make the extension work well?
  3. I have already bought extensions from other developers who said they sent notifications but then in the end they didn’t work.
    Thank you
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Yep, we can do that.

Could you please say the name of your device and the Android version?

I’ve tried that many times personally.
There is a lot of issues with custom sound notifications.

Devices nowadays, override the App’s custom sound and set their own.
We have another option, we could simply play a sound when the notification arises.

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android 12, samsung a51

I’ll send you an APK, you can check if the notification appears or not.
Then you can buy it :slight_smile:

ok thank you

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Absolutely amazing and useful!

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This method is also used in the battery manager and how well it works. When a notification is sent, a procedure is run that starts a player :sweat_smile:

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Version 1.1

  • Added option to ignore the default notification handle
    • That means, instead of letting the extension show the notification, you can set a custom notification and show it.

  • Added internal feature to set custom notification icon.

  • Added option to set custom sound for notification. A sound will be played from assets when the notification is received. @Franklin_Lopez

    "to": "/topics/kat",
    "data": {
        "notification": {
            "body": "Hello, World",
            "title": "Can you see me :)",
            "sound": "sound.mp3"

You need to pass the above values in the form of dictionary format using the Send block.



Version 1.2

Thanks for all the support :partying_face:

  • Added property to set custom small icon through Legacy API.
"notification": {
    "body": "Update the app to get the latest version.",
    "title": "An update is rolled out.",
    "sound": "",
    "small_icon": "ic_lock_idle_alarm"

So the advantage here is, when you send a notification via the Legacy API, now you can set custom different small_icon each for a new notification rather than hard-coding it into the app.

  • Call procedures through API :firebase:
    • So, you can use the Firebase API to call procedures that are present in your app directly when the firebase notification data arrives :slightly_smiling_face:, even if the app is in background!

    • This enables you to customize things even more!


The call_procedure element present in the data object.
There you specify the Screen name where the procedure is in and the procedure name.

You can also pass arguments to the procedures :wink:


Suggestion - (Not recommended)( only for third party) Auto Sdk update is common feature but Google play not recommend it .

Version 1.3 (parallel)

Extension now works with Firebase Auth and related components. :grin:
This was done by changing the internals to support the firebase components.

  • Size (around 500 KB for this)
  • Tested with: Android 12 and 13.

make sure to enable notifications permission, in android 13+


Both of the above components worked fine :slight_smile:, i built it and checked them.

So now, both Firebase Auth and Firebase Messaging extension can be present and it causes no conflict.


I am interested in buying the FCM extension,
How do I buy this?

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I’ve sent you a PM.

Good apologies for the inconvenience, where can I pay to obtain this extension?

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