[PAID] FCM: Receive Push Notifications with Firebase Cloud Messaging Latest SDK [$10 or INR 701]

I want to purchase this extension . I am from India. How to purchase ? I have a question before buy plz dm me

ChangeLog Version 1.3

  • Compatible with Firebase Auth component as well as FSA extension
    Tested by @Franklin_Lopez
  • Aix size reduced to 476 kb

Is it up and running?

Yes it is working fine.
No bugs reported for the latest version.

I sent you a message, please confirm.

hi have you confirmed my licence the application is crashing. I uploaded the licence txt file into asset

ChangeLog Version 1.4

  • New Blocks
    You can retrieve messages which were received when app was not running. Returns Dictionary where timestamp is key and value is message content.
  • Behavior Changes
    i) Clicking fcm notification when app is in foreground will open registered screen (or Screen1 if not set), but previous instance of Screen will not be created if that screen is already running instead will be resumed.
    ii) Now notifications received in background also use small icon. (Earlier app icon was shown)
  • Internal Changes
    *Important changes to adapt HTTP v1 Api for sending notifications
  • Aix size reduced to 468 kb

Notification (and Message) sending API has been removed (deprecated on June 20, 2023 ) by Firebase and can stop working anytime.
A separate extension for sending notifications will be released soon and it will be a PAID extension.

Receiving notifications will continue working without any issue.

Recommended to use.

ChangeLog Version 2 :warning:

  • Updated Fcm SDK version to 24.0.0

  • Removed Notification Sending blocks (Migrate to FcmSender extension)

  • Removed Notification Sound property

  • Fixed notification click issue when no Screen was registered for open

  • Resuming Screen from Notification Click also invokes GotData event

  • Added permission handling method and event

  • Added method parameter to Error Occurred event