[Paid] Fonepay Qr Payment Extension For Nepal


Fonepay QR Payment Extension – effortlessly integrate dynamic QR code functionality and facilitate payments for various wallets within your mobile apps.

Apps that Support Fonepay QR

  • Almost all Mobile Bankings apps and wallets of Nepal
  • PhonePe and Bhim UPI from India (Till Now)


  • Fonepay Merchant Credentials
    (Usually provided by Fonepay along with a QR Standee). If you don’t have merchant credentials, contact your acquirer or get it from Fonepay Business app.

  • Qr Code Generator Extension
    Works with all qr generator extension. Also, You can use Qr Code component of Kodular, which can be found in Media section,


There are no properties in the designer section. Let’s start working on the blocks.

Get Token

Use this block to get accessToken and terminalId from Fonepay.


  • Username - Required
  • Password - Required
  • secretKey - Optional
  • otpCode - Optional but if you have enabled 2FA, it is required.
  • recaptcha - Optional
  • Generate Qr

    Use this block to generate dynamic qr with custom amount and billId (also known as remarks) All parameters are required here

    component_method (1)

  • billId - Both numbers and words can be used here. or alphanumeric value like BILL41253
  • amount - amount in nrs. For example: if the amount is set to 100, it will generate qr code for 100 nrs
  • GotToken

    Use this block to get the accessToken and terminalId after generation.



    Use this block to get the required data for Qr generation.

    component_event (1)

    How to use

    First, we need to request the Fonepay server for the accessToken and terminalId. To do this, we will run the GetToken block. Please use your username and password in their respective fields. If you haven’t enabled 2FA, leave the remaining fields blank.

    blocks (3)

    After requesting the accessToken and terminalId, use the GotToken block to retrieve the necessary values. You can choose to store them for later use or use them directly with GenerateQr block. Here, i am using it directly.

    After this you will receive a text that is used to generate Fonepay Qr. For that, i have used Qr Code component of Kodular.

    blocks (5)

    After generating qr you can show it anywhere you want.

    blocks (6)

    For Purchase and Demo

    Contact me here in the community or in Write me.

    This extension is priced at 499 Nepalese Rupees.

    Payment Methods

    • eSewa
    • IME Pay
    • Khalti
    • Bank Transfer
    • Fonepay

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