[PAID] [FREE APK] qrGopro Next level QR Code app

App Name : qrGopro
App Developer : Rudransh Shukla
App Size : 10.77 mb
App Version : 1

App Info : You can convert text, image, video, audio and several other things to QR code in seconds, app have ads for revenue and can be increased or decreased by placing or removing ads.

APP has a very modern and nice UI Design. Without any glitch or lag.

If you release the app in play store and your app get 1000+ users, you can make a revenue of +1000 RS Per Month.

Screenshots of the app :

APK FILE : qrGopro (3)

AIA FILE : Message me on WhatsApp : https://wa.me/9754752389


Login And Get Started Screen.

Please Give me your reviews about the app so I can improve it more.

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0 voters

Aia file? Free or paid

:joy: AIA is paid, only Apk free as mentioned in this topic headlines

Do you think it’s necessary to mention the (free apk)? Do you think people will buy the apk :full_moon_with_face:? By the way, nice UI :grin:

the free apk is also not available "Free APK "

It’s free Aia

Nope there are many people who buy apk like in Play Store there are paid apps