[PAID] Fused Location : Google-Encouraged method for getting Location

An extension for FusedLocationProvider api, a fast, efficient method encouraged by Google to request locations.



Demo Blocks


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Features over Location Sensor Component

  • Recommended Usage by Google
  • Better Handling of Exceptions
  • It uses a mixture of GPS and network provided location to give you a trade-off between accuracy and battery consumption.
  • Different Accuracy Modes
  • More features
  • Battery Friendly Approaches
  • Recommended By Google for Location Accessing from Android 11
  • Faster Response :slight_smile: (In 2-3 seconds)
  • Both Accurate and Approximate values supported
  • Reverse Geocoding to get Address from latitude and Longitude
  • Reverse Geocoding to get Address from name of place

Use Cases

  • Food Delivery Apps
  • Relatime Location Tracking (Using requestLocationUpdates function)
  • Can be use with Builtin Maps Component and Google Maps Pro Aix

To Buy
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(Foreground / Background edition too available on demands)


Nice tool :heart:


Updates :

  • Fixed crash on requesting last known Location on First run.
  • Added is Location On Blocks
  • Fixed Request Location updates method.

Video :


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