[PAID] Google Maps Pro : Advanced Features for Maps Component

Can you sell me this add-on and help me implement it?
my Email: Removed by mod. No personal info on the community. Ask for a pm instead.

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hello unknown beast ., I really like to ask about Maps Pro and Fuso Location sensor. can you dm me?

A major bug fixed.

Fixed ClassCastException by using DFloNum.doubleValue()

Thanks to @lucas_dnts and @Victor_Quezada for pointing out the bug to me.

All buyers to send me a dm to get the update


how do I buy it?

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Send me a dm


Updated to Maps SDK version 18.2.0
Fixed Crashes related to polyline.

Existing buyers to dm me to receive the update.

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Is there a block that can give me the distance (on the road) between two Markers?

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Hello UnknownBeast.
Can you DM me?
I want to buy a plugin from you. I have an API key.
I’m sorry everyone, but I create many projects in various programming languages, I design electronics and I am not able to meet the requirements of internet forums just to send one private message. We are creating a tracker for animals from shelters. I hope you understand this. Regards

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