Calculate a distance between two points

Hello Koders, I hope you are all doing well!

A few days ago, someone asked me :

How can we calculate a distance between two points with Kodular?

I then replied that I had made an application a year ago (with Thunkable :thunkable: , when I didn’t know Makeroid :makeroid: yet) and that I could then help him.

But I wanted to do more, I thought :

Maybe other people are wondering how to do it, so why not do a little tutorial?

That’s why, today I’ll show you How to calculate a distance between two points

In order to do this, you’ll need :

  • Your brain :brain:
  • Location_sensor component
  • Notifier component
  • Buttons
  • Text boxes
  • Labels
  • Design imagination

So let’s begin !

  1. Current location :

If your Location sensor is not working (not activated), the calculation won’t work so we need to verify it.


If the Location sensor isn’t activated, it will display this notification :

You can put your departure address by yourself, or a button will give it to you :


  1. Arrival address :

You have to put your arrival address, its no big deal juste make sure to write it correctly !

  1. The calculation system

I didn’t invented the formula, I just found it on a forum (sorry I lost the link, it was 1 year ago) and tried to reproduce it with blocks. You can try to understand it if you want :stuck_out_tongue: but it’s not necessary.

This procedure is called after a click on the button “Calculate distance”

As you can see, the arrival is an address and can’t be coordiwnates.

Let’s verify on Google Maps if I haven’t cheated !

Mmm there is a (little : 42 kilometers) difference between what Google Maps is telling me and what my app is. Why ?
Because the distance calculated with the app is linear, it doesn’t take into account all the curves, etc…
And that’s the problem with this method…

Voilà, I think that’s all !
I don’t know if this little tutorial will help you (I didn’t know how to write it).

I share you the aia of course and if you have any question, I will answer them with pleasure :slight_smile:

Calculate_distance.aia (22.4 KB)


Could you please not use white font? :sweat_smile:

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Sorry I was using dark theme !

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Exactly. :joy:


Excellent! This is exactly what I need for my application on drone delivery for my exams! Thank you very much !

Hey @Stiaen

I need something:

  • Either the customer uses the automatic location to find his address (I need a method that finds the address from the coordinates)
  • Either the customer enters or even his address (which must therefore be converted into coordinates)

Do you have any idea how to do that?

Thanks !

EDIT : I’ve find it, its in the location component :slight_smile:

error while downloading the aia

same… here… aia not available to dl

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and anyway, it doesn’t work for me :confused: I get more than 9000 meters, in the reality it is 15

this calculation is wrong. i have also used this method but it calculates different than real. because with this mehtod it calculates the direct distance which such a ruler. then i started to use google matrix api

@Stiaen already told that in his first post.

sorry, i have not seen that

I’ll try it. Thanks.

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