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hello guys , I have a little problem , I would like to get my current location , but the components of the codular and the extensions that I found only give me the location when I change places , how can I solve this (get the current location ).

Easily you can achieve it… If you share what you have tried, we can suggest you further


This can help you :heart:


two equal answers , I am sure it will solve , thank you guys , test to post the results later .

unfortunately I did not get the result I expected , I need the current location , in latitude and longitude data , it shows me a lot of data except this one .

If your area doesn’t contain that parameter its shows you -

is there an area in the world without latitude and longitude numbers? even the zero mark or would have the values ​​0-0 or 1-1 if the zero mark starts at 1, the address is correct, but why didn’t it pass on the latitude and longitude that was what the procedure used to find my address?

I just need the numbers of latitude and longitude.

Did You try with clock Component ?

If not try like this, to get lat and long + use the same kio4 extension used in the above aia to convert lat long to address


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yes I used a clock, I put the “ex:getlocation” in a button and pressed a thousand times, but nothing worked.

Did you really need to leave the place or did you get this result stopped? because I also got this result but I had to move 4 meters for that.

Not like that, once map ready and did like this you will get location… Just try , if not you must use button click to get the lat and long


this topic helped me a lot , thank you very much , resolved .

situation solved only with “Googlemaps” and “maps” “Googlemaps” doesn’t show any image, but takes the coordinates, I leave its visibility turned off and put the coordinates in the “maps”, solved without any extension, thanks to everyone who works willing to help.


The same blocks…:face_with_monocle: already existed… :point_up:and before my post below, these same blocks already existed… 🤷

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