How to get latitude, longitude of user after initialization of screen?

How to get latitude & longitude of user after initialization of screen as location sensor is only called after location changes ?

you can use google map too to get lat and long

add google map, untick visible and add these blocks to get lat and lon


(even if you are ideal, location will show, no need to think location have to change)

But is the locations were accurate to about 50-100 metres

see just try and let us know

Tried it, accuracy differs by around 1.5 to 2 Kms

thn have a look at this extn

Again …
There are many examples here in comunnity about This subject…
This situation is constantly repeating itself in the community.
1- the subject already has hundreds of similar topics
2- the user does not search the community
3- other users answer the same things they already answered before.

All these questions have already been answered and resolved. All the above already blocks exist in the community

Please , search in comunnity :mag::eyes:

And there is free AIA as an answer and solution… do it :pray:

1- research :mag:

2- tests :computer::desktop_computer::keyboard:

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