Navigation google maps

Did You can show us Points ?

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Like this


Maybe a silly question but do you use an api key from OpenRouteService or a Google Map Api Key ?


Yes, that could be it.
I think that in my blocks there is this code, but honestly ,I didn’t know that this block influences the result.

I’ll check where I put this block.

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I use label 2 as an indicator of enabled my location and it returns false when maps is ready. after 1 second the result is true and proven by move camera.
you can see the gif, when the app is run, label 2 = false, after 1 second it becomes true. (Test apk android10).

I also just realized that. usually i use initialize local to list to get my location. but the result is as expected.

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Im My project, this block (Move Camera ) is inside When Maps is Ready.

I’ll find out if there’s another call to that block elsewhere. :face_with_monocle:

It’s inside the Map is Ready, but it’s getting location already registered( lat , long ) :grin:. With Get My location, it doesn’t work. :pensive:
I also disabled this Move Camera and clicked on the compass (?) so it worked too.


I creat block like @gustavoqueirozmit

And add clock

All my block

Fixing: you added the timer to the blocks that @gustavoqueirozmit had already typed looking at the video on youtube, right? :+1:

i use google maps my key = removed by mod
can you test this key please?

i use google maps

google maps api ?

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yes api google maps

Navigation needs api key from OpenRouteService


and if my app exceeds the openrouteservice api requests, is there any alternative?

This is irrelevant to the problem here. Did you optain a key from OpenRouteService ? Is your problem solved ?

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that’s why I was using google maps API, is there a way to plot routes with google maps API?

You can see an example here

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Use google maps api here The Directions API quickstart  |  Google Developers

I suggest you to use web component to get response from request direction with google maps api