Location Sensor

what is the difference between get latitude and location .latitude
I am trying to put this up which is assigned to global latitude

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Maybe this page help you :wink:

ThankU BUT I need to know what is the difference between the above two block?

Can you send the image of each block?

tell me the difference.
I gt location data at a particular time . i need to update the data by the most accurate value obtained by location sensor.accuracy.
Hw can i update the value so tht my variable latitude wont change if the accuraccy is greater than "most accurate value obtained "
is it done through any loop lemme know and thank U

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So I recommend you to use the variable. It’s more exactly

which variable ?

The latitude and longitude local variables.In the .locationchanged event

Like the first picture @alen_ninan

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How do you know??

The location sensor is very slow to get coordinates in time. They take a long time getting coordinates.

If you want to get location instantly, I have a method that I used earlier when the Location Sensor was taking long to give the coordinates. If you want to know you can reply to this post and I will make a guide. :slightly_smiling_face:


Can i know :slight_smile:

Sure, I will create a guide and post the link here… :slightly_smiling_face:


It would be helpful if u could post the guide
Thanking U in advance

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Yeah, I will soon write the guide and post the link here :slightly_smiling_face:


Can you give a hint, until you create a guide?. It’s very urgent for me to get this information.

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Hey , i have a doubt ; locationsensor.latitude tell me the recent value of latitude . This works on the principle that the phone picks up the latest reading depending on the most accurate value ;(which is determined by mobile phone model , for eg : 2020 model has accuracy 3 mts accuracy ). So my doubt is the latitude shown would be the least accurate value right ( say 3 mts) beyond which accuracy value wont decrease ??

IS this same when we use get latitude variable ?

Please son’t double post the same content:

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okay and what about the solution for my query ?

I am very busy nowadays so I was unable to reply,

And for your question, use the google map’s location block, it will give location instantly. Even if GPS is off, it gives the last known location.


The problem in using it is that the user will come to know about it which i dont permit . Secondly , it is a visible component too ; I dnt want my app to tell the user his latitude and longitude using the app which itself is irritating for the user .