Distance and speed measurement

Hi. I want to measure the distance during the run and the time in which it was completed. Any tips?

Use gps to find the distance you travelled

Do you have any tutorial? or can you show me how to use gps blocks? I just don’t know how to start.


Well, I have an extension to calculate the distance. Suppose it will use a “location sensor” and a “curent adress” block to determine the starting point. I want the application to automatically end the measurement in the situation when a certain distance is traveled. let’s assume 3 km. Will I do it with “location sensor” blocks?

When location changed get the geo codes and convert into distance from the starting point.

If the result touches 3km stop the location sensor to off…


It doesn’t work for me. Since the differences are very small and it does not calculate short distances. I wanted to use a pedometer, but it shows the distance badly at higher speeds. I want to calculate distance while running or cycling.