[PAID] High Quality Online Education App AIA

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Have you used screen which is open source in kodular ? Because i have seen exactly same screen in a different post.
Improved your UI (it is very simple ).


Are you able to find that other post.

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That was good design.

You forgot to give me credits :sweat_smile: for my UI design

It is here

BUT you can improve your other screen ui

But how? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Screenshot utility

I cant see that feature in that component :sweat_smile:

Just Disallow Screenshot and it also

Block the screen capture :joy:

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I you do this I have youtube go there they will tell you how to block just use virtually Xposed and you can record add a feature to detect package name of virtuall Xposed

@The_Revenger_Studios Make sure your UI is good or not,I think you have to do a little working in your UI,it make your app attractive to your user.

Are You Serious About Your Price Differences In INR and USD.


We have kepted cheaper for indians

Good App But You Really need to focused on your ui. For example you use can the round buttons.

You have to Reconsider your price. Price difference between inr and usd is very high.

In your topic title you mentioned “High quality” but I didn’t find it high quality :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::joy: (Average)

Improve your app UI.

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It is a very basic application for which you want 49$. Are you serious? Please reconsider your pricing.

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This is a joke, right?
499 rupees is roughly 6 usd…


It was a joke, simply ignore!