[PAID] HLS Video Player Extension

Seem You Are Trying To Use This Package According To Your Choice You Should You add word in your package which developer sayed you regard!

Did you get an error message when the app crashes or does the app just close without a message?
The Manifest seems to be okay.

Developer said I can use any package name. But ofcourse I can use it using my current kodular account.

No error message, It just closes immediately after opening the app.

Developer fixed the extension. His support was pretty fast even in this pandemic. Thanks @Said-Dev


Is it support flv video format?

NO dear @David FLV not supported

Can you please provide me with demo .apk file. I need to check before purchasing.

@Said-Dev Your HLSPlayer Extension Just Stop Working Today what is going on here your website is also down and you are also not replaying to any email if you don’t want to Give support abut your expensive Extensions Than stop Making Extensions. it’s totally unfair that someone buy your extension in 25€ and when any issue occurs you are not supporting.

@Hadi_Editz Thanks for your support check your email first then the problem not just for you im try to solve problem for all user. a little patience please your application blocking my website

oh thanks first time you response me very fast.

@Hadi_Editz please post here in kodular if you have approval i never replay you or not support any one here then i will replay for your provocative message

Now Thanks For Your Reply You give me reply 1st time after the purchasing of extension i purchase extension in May and after that i mail you 2 times and you don’t give reply on that but today when i mail you for third time and also write reply here on your topic than after that you give response on my mail.

@Hadi_Editz please make update with the new aix you received

You have an email to contact and buy the extension, do you have a video of how to program the extension blocks

@myhouse when you buy the extension you will have aia file like example to see how is working

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I can control quality m3u8.

The quality is depend of the url

SupportQuality: 144p,240p,288,360,and 480p

Send me the url you need test in PM