[PAID] HLS Video Player Extension

Contact me by email.

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@Said-Dev. I changed your first post by removing your mail adress. We do not allow personal info on the forum like phonenumbers and mailadresses. I changed it to that they have to pm you.

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I don’t think you have to do it. It is extension developer’s responsibility to protect his/her extension.

Asking Kodular to block your extension is not a way to protect your extension. Because it also effects your real buyers.


Dear @yusufcihan I ask Kodular to block my extensions because after the new update my extension become open for all. this is just a favor from Kodular thanks to them. and about my customer i have already send him an email with new update not worrying about this

This extension is not working with Kodular’s 1.4C.1 update. Before that it was working fine.
It causing app crash. Is there any bug in this new kodular update?
Please look into this.
Peter Conor yusufcihan Boban

No point tagging us as we can’t do anything about that and there by you should actually contact the developer in question

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If the extension really didn’t work, it would pause the development of CinelarTV being close to launch, but does it work… :relaxed:

Older version of app which was built using previous kodular versions are working but with the new kodular version which is 1.4C.1 it does not work. If you have the extension, you can try a build. It’ll not work, app crashes everytime.

I just created an CinelarTV APK and it is working properly for me, i use this extension for CinelarTV Player

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I forgot to mention, With default package name it works but if I use custom package name then it crashes.

You used default kodular package name or custom?

You build it after this update?


Mmm … curious

I just tested it on another device and the app closes (CinelarTV and Test AIA that came with the extension update)

@Said-Dev can you take a look? :thinking:

@Kodular maybe it could be related?

Yeah! App closes immediately.

Any update?

Decompile the APK, open the Manifest, copy and post it.

I used custom package name - com.test.test

The Manifest is not complete.


Plz download it.