[PAID] HLS Video Player Extension

@bodymindpower hello you can send me example then i will test for you. best regard

Here is a simple test aia (sound in assets, duration = 7 sec, loop-able).

  • Play with Player component: not playing gaplessly (seamlessly) (for API > 21)
  • Play with TaifunPlayer extension: playing gaplessly

However, there are problems with the TaifunPlayer on some Chinese devices (for several months now).
ExoPlayer is working fine, but there are issues with the volume, so I want to try your extension too, if looping is possible.

playLoopingSounds.aia (142.4 KB)

True so far. But for me a drumsample ( perfect looped) in .ogg format starts a little bit early , while same sample in .wav format loops perfect ( am using TaifunPlayer, as it always works at best for me)

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To make it in loop you can use like this blocks%20(2)

I have some experience and everything tested to get perfect loops with all loop-able audio formats

  • Android: ogg, flac, wav &
  • iOS: ALAC, IM4A.

Between ogg and wav formats, I had found no differences in the looping. However, the looping on some Chinese devices (Xiaomi, OnePlus, …) with the TaifunPlayer no longer works. This also applies to the wav (PMC) format.

Post your “perfectly looped” ogg sound here, I’ll check it.

PS: On iOS (Xcode, Swift 4) I never had problems with the looping.

Does that really work / play seamlessly (without small gaps)?

I checked my files again. I found out that wavelab 6 cuts the wav (drumloop) a little bit when I save it as a .ogg. My mistake, I didn’t notice this before.loops.zip (717,0 KB)

it support openload videos link to play

hi i need some modification in your extension like swipe up to ext and swipe down to preview. can you do that. simply like tiktok app. i wont build advance app that control many mobile at once please help as possible.



This is what happens when I use this extension. I emailed @Said-Dev several times but he did not reply.
Why do you make a paid extension if you can’t provide support?

yes hls player is marked as dangerous extension …
whther it is issue of @Said-Dev or kodular

The developer of that extension requested us to block it.

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This was a strange request


@Conor @Boban
What should I do now?
@Said-Dev is not replying to my mails.
Have I just wasted my money on it?
I don’t understand why he is cheating everyone. I have seen other users also complaining about this.
I’m not a java expert but I know how to get codes, this is last time I’m saying if he does not reply I’m gonna make public this extension with it’s source code.
@Said-Dev if you don’t care about your customer then I don’t care about your privacy policy.


Sorry about the inconvenience. We have decided to unblock the extension. We’ll also try to contact the extension developer.

Ah ??

That extension is fundamental in my application :confused:

Read my post above, we’ve unblocked the extension.

Ah, I’m sorry, I didn’t see it (Discourse shows me the answers in a delayed way) :thinking:


@Conor Thanks.

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Hello dear .

All customer contact me by email to receive the new update .

Dear @Conor before enable extension you can send me email .
can not judge only by some message there are several people using my extension illegally for this before activating the extension you must be sure that the person asking for help is real buyers. because I did this update only because I noticed that my extension is illegally used.
I have already sent an email to the customer

Best regards