Playing a loop, the player adds a space between the end and the beginning of the audio

I’m making a sound application.

I want to play a loop file indefinitely.

I created a wav file in Sound Forge. If I play it on the computer as a loop, it plays without pauses perfectly (There’s no space or silence or anything.)

In the app player I activate the loop option. Then I click on play the file, it plays well.


But when the audio is played again, doing the loop, the player pauses a little. Between the end of the audio and the beginning, it puts a small pause or a small jump…

My idea is that it is not possible to detect if it is a loop or an audio file that lasts a long time.

I tried the normal player and the ExoPlayer.

Both don’t play the file without pauses, even when the audio doesn’t have pauses.

Does anyone know if this is a player bug?

Is there a solution?

see point 3 or wait for bugfix of ExoPlayer

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You must use audio format: ogg or wav
(mp3 is not loop-able, because it adds silence at the beginning & and end of a track)

ogg is the only compressed audio format that is loop-able on Android
see also here: [PAID] HLS Video Player Extension

Thank you very much!
I’ll try it

Yes, I knew that, that’s why I use a wav file…
Thank you very much!

in your example you use a mp3 file:

that yould not work even with TaifunPlayer

Sorry, I made the image to ask the question and I made a mistake in the file type.

Taifun extension works perfect to play loops


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