ExoPlayer issue: ExoPlayer.Stop does not set ExoPlayer.isPlaying to false

If I play a sound with the ExoPlayer and then stop it, the sound is no longer played, but the player is still in the state isPlaying=true. Only when I press the stop button again, the state isPlaying=false.
Therefore, this can only be done with a timer.

This raises numerous problems with my apps. I need the ExoPlayer because it is the only one that can seamlessly loop sounds. Unfortunately, the TaifunPlayer has recently problems with gapless looping on some Chinese devices.

At the moment a sound is stopped (ExoPlayer.Stop), the state is isPlaying=false for about 150 ms (Companion, about 30 ms with APK), and after that isPlaying=true again.

Since Iā€™m not sure if this issue will be resolved with the next major release, I want to make sure.

To reproduce this issue, here is the test aia: exoPlayerStop.aia (335.8 KB) exoPlayerStop.apk (5.1 MB)

Is there an approximate forecast when the next release will come? This month?


I found the same problem, in addition to an unwanted infinite loop, problems with the status change event and the methods of states, as I describe in the screenshot.

ExoPlayerError.aia (22.8 KB)

Yes thanks, but this is already known:

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Nobody mentions the problems of the state change event handler, so take it as a contribution to expose in detail all the problems of this component, so that in a future release nothing will be left out without correcting

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Unfortunately, the issues are not solved with Kodular Eagle:

  • why ExoPlayer is always playing at Screen.Initialize
  • ExoPlayer.Stop does not set ExoPlayer.isPlaying to false

see also here: ExoPlayer issues - ExoPlayer.Stop does not work on Screen.Initialize