[PAID] HTXML | Html And Xml Data Scraping


HTXML This extension enable you parsing and manipulation of HTML/XML documents.

It supports:

  • Parsing documents from text, files, URLs, or HTML body fragments.
  • Setting parser types (HTML/XML) and base URIs for parsing context.
  • Accessing document metadata like title, location, and document type.
  • Navigating and interacting with elements, including creation, selection by CSS query, and attribute retrieval.
  • Managing document output settings for pretty-printing, character encoding, and syntax type.
  • More…

All Blocks:


Demo Blocks [XML]:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
        <name>John Doe</name>
        <name>Jane Smith</name>
        <name>Michael Johnson</name>
        <name>Emily Davis</name>


Library Used:

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this extension is Improved version of this two extension

I will make this extension for free if it takes some support, so you can support me by paypal or just press hear button