[Paid] Insta StorySaver Aia - Instagram Story Saver App

Insta StorySaver

Introducing Insta StorySaver App to get all stories from any Public Instagram Account based on Paid API with daily 50 free requests.


  1. Get all stories of any public Instagram account and save them to your phone.
  2. Insta User name is required to get stories.
  3. This app provides Instagram account holder name, profile image, total stories posted by the user in last 24 hours.
  4. Beautiful stories view with dynamic components.
  5. Tap on stories to save them & Tap on profile image to save it.
  6. Shows download progress in linear progress bar.
  7. Open, share & delete downloaded stories.
  8. Shows all downloaded insta stories in Downloads section.
  9. Professional, clean and beautiful UI and UX.
  10. Ready to Publish App.



No test Apk : due to free limit I can’t share Test Apk to everyone. Intrested can PM me to get Test Apk other can watch the video.


How to get?

PM me.

Extensions Used


Thanks Kodular for this great platform and all extension developers.


Awesome app and UI :grin:

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Thanks @Pradevel

I have not tried the apk, but from video, the one point that I would like to mention is that, while you are getting stories of any public profile, show an indicator for the ongoing process.
Currently you just show an alert when user clicks on the button beside the profile textbox, which may confuse the user of ongoing process.
This is my suggestion though, as the user purchasing the aia can make necessary changes.


hello I want to buy this aia plz send test apk and inal price

Wow. What’s the price?

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