[PAID] InstaPro Extension for user information

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InstaPro Extension Help you to get Instagram user information.

All the blocks

Demo link

InstaPro.apk (5.4 MB)

NOTE: This extension works on the only companion for testing purposes.
If you want to use it in your app, a license is required.
one mail || one license.



Nice Extension, but found a bug in bio if u have a url it doesn’t show that.

Share demo apk, screenshots.

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There was a apk I downloaded it. I think so he removed it.

Bug Fixed in Demo Apk

Very nice !!! you are on fire with extension !!!
Can I suggest add direct post to my instagram, is that possible ?

Nice one. Will help somene, but not me. No offending, just my situation. Good extenision though.

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Nice Extension. One thing can you add in this extension that through which we can get the list of Followers and following.

free here


thank you for the extension @Aswini_Karri

this extension doesn’t work on kodular…it always closes the app.I think this extension was made for nitron not kodular

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It’s not working