[Paid] Leo Paytm Gateway Extension - With any Custom amount

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Now you can accept payment through one of the most famous Payment Gateway Paytm.
This extension doesn’t work with Payment Url while it’s a complete gateway by which you can accept any custom amount(1,5,20,50,99 etc) even in decimal(1.5, 50.99, etc).
You can implement this gateway to make eCommerce or any type of online Store.

Video (With Demo Payment)

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You have to Get Paytm Production Credentials from https://business.paytm.com/ and just fill out these details below.


You can Start Payment by entering just there 3 parameters only.

Note:- OrderId must be Unique for all Transactions.


This Event will Trigger When Payment done Successfully


This Event will Trigger when Payment will Falied.


This event will Trigger when Transaction will Cancel by backpress.

This Event will Trigger when Payement will cancel due to Network issue.


This Event will Trigger when You have not bought this extension from me.


Mode of Payments

  • Debit Card
  • Credit Card
  • UPI
  • Net Banking
  • Paytm Wallet

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As Written in Title this is a Paid Extension.

Price:- Rs 299 Only.

How To Buy (After Payment of 299rs Just PM me)


  1. From App
    LeoPaytm_.apk - Google Drive

Required Detail:-

Paytm Bussiness Account with Production Credential.

Note:- Test Credential Will Not Work.


Well done! Very useful extension. Keep up the good work!


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I can do it without your extension…

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ohk nice !!!
but this extension works with Paytm SDk (means Unhackable) as we know that its very easy to hack data from app made with kodular .


Ya i am also using paytm api…
Nope it’s not easy to hack it… There is a way to do things…

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please don’t take topic off topic as this post is related to extension


Ok but you told me so i am just giving the answers…


how can i generate merchant key

when you login paytm dashboard you already get the key in API Keys

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When promoting Youtube videos, they must be in English.

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My payment page is not open please help me

@Technical_Master_JK DM me With Your Issue .

When I use test mid and mid key they show that request fail why and same with my mid and key. Please help I buy the extension by paying ₹299.Please help.

By the way you should read first topic

and also

now its ok
check your Inbox i messaged you

Please don’t contact me with what’s app and call. I use my father’s phone. So, please contact me only with gmail. Please

please gave the block of that

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It’s paid …

How to use this paytm extension in screen initialised

a buy leo paytm gateway exxxxxxxtension but how to use this in my payment please give a tutorial video i set but somethink error strin type

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