[Paid] Minimal And Aminated Splash Screen UI Design

Hello Friends I’m ARE Tech,
I want to Share with you an amazing Splash screen UI Design.

You Will Need 3 Clock Component and one Animations Component to do it.

Screenshot of those components are used:

Two Arrangement one is for splash and other for welcome will be at the same screen(Screen1).
(Remember : Add screen2 if your app is not exporting. but there will be no use of the screen2)

This layout is for splash:

this layout for wekcome:

Now let’s check the block section:

When Initialize:

After 3.6 Sec Those block will execute:

After 4 sec those blocks will execute to show loading animation:

And finally those blocks will execute to reveal welcome screen:

Here is the Demo Of the UI:

Thank you,

Demo APK Download for smoothest experience:

Contact For The AIA File It’s Paid(INR 250 Only):
Send a pm


If you want it to be a guide you just can put the aia in your topic else it looks just like a commercial. I removed your personal info.


i want to show the demo of those animations through video which is uploaded to youtube. so how can i?

Yes you can post the youtube video in your topic.

Is it free or paid please Mention This on title and in post

sorry for this. i updated the topic

nice animation :ok_hand:

cool ui. I have an question, Is background image will be look same in every device size

There will be not much difference.

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