[PAID] MLKit Image Labelling : Machine-Learning based Labeller

New ML Kit image labellling extension


Demo Blocks


Gives out numbers in probabilities

To buy
Dm me


Awesome :+1: @UnknownBeast

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Nice Extension

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please reveal the price also for this extension
thank you

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I want one OCR extention without size limitation, can you make it?

Does it use tensorflow?

OCR is different from ML Kit image recognition

did you read topic? its firebase ml kit

Where did you read it? I even did a Ctrl F and the only mention to firebase is made by you.
If MLKit Image Labelling is a product of Google, nobody has the obligation to know

Maybe @almeidapablo

did you? Where does it say it? " [[PAID] MLKit Image Labelling : Machine-Learning based Labeller]"

Give me a break. Not everybody use maching learning libraries and not everybody knows.

All it says Labeller. It doesn’t even mention firebase or google. This forum is full geniuses i see who were born knowing everything out of box

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proof of what? proof of that everybody knows? It proof of that even you didn’t know. Now you are commenting ;llike you are a genius and I’m a moron because I didn’t know

I think you are just a troll or you really don’t understand how the word is. My mother doesn’t even know who Is Just Bieber, and here you are thinking that everybody has to know that MLKit is part of Firebase.
My friend, I am sorry that someone has to tell it to you, because it shoud be obvious, but most of the people didn’t born knowing everything that is obvious for you. Even a moderator or somone in Kodular staff may not know what MLKit Image Labelling is or who it belongs too.
i will stop being offtopic, but I really think you should be more humble and stop expecting everyone knows whatever you think that should be obvious.

Edit: I saw your other post now. No one is doubting that this extension uses firebase, the problem is the other member that was agressive answering that MLKit is obviuously a firebase product.

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@ almeidapabloPablo A. Rod. Exactly. Thank you

Really Sorry for my behavior @almeidapablo

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Sorry for it , do not tag me 2 times or more

when did i aggressively said that? i just said it was firebase cause almost all mlkit is from firebase indirectly from google. it does not mean i was aggressive.

Here you replied like we can’t read. Where did it say it’s a firebase or even google product?