[Paid] Multi tournament app for Freefire, bgmi and ludo (Main app + admin app) at low cost

Hello everyone,

App introduction

I am introducing my new app i.e. multi tournament app for Pubg, Freefire and ludo

**Screenshots - **



Currently i have used Firebase Database for this app and in future i will surely update to MYSQL

Download Link =
Google Drive

Price =
For both (admin and user app) = ₹399

How to buy & contact =
You can contact me on telegram ( not_even_7 ) or direct message me.

And please mention bugs which you faced. If you find anything wrong or something which I can improve then mention that also.

Thank you, kodular to providing best drag and drag platform.

Keep :heart: coding

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Take it in ₹299 offer end in 1 day

Offer extended for 2 days more

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Nice work :slight_smile:

Thank you and there is a good news, i.e. the new update is coming, in this update the firebase databse will change to mysql

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