[PAID] Netflix like Professional app 100% made on Kodular

What is the name of your app?

Filmozine OTT App

Describe your app:

Updated version of Filmozine aia compatible with Google Sheets.

Now available in Google Sheet version with following features:-

  1. Fast loading on basis of Cached data on first run.

  2. Add your content to Favourites.

  3. Support recently watched(History) like YouTube.

  4. Async image loading throughout app.

  5. Auto version download.

  6. Server start/stop options/Maintenance time break system.

  7. Multiple players supported.

  8. Added All categories features (can add unlimited categories)

  9. Realtime online user count (updated in 3.0 released on 1 April 2021)

  10. Display notice to your users regarding upcoming Content.

  11. QR Share feature (present from version 1.2 released 24 Feb 2021)

  12. Reduce category loading time by using special random keys for each category.

  13. Have Report content support to manage Content according to Audience.

  • This app have some content links which are limited and expire in some weeks so do not worry if the player show error/video not found because either the video is expired or deleted by me.
  • This APK is DEMO so do not estimate this apk as illegal/copyright violating.
    *The streaming players are much slow due to local/free and limited time hosting use.


App Store/Download link:

Demo APK link

AIA file (Optional)

To get AIA file contact me at my Telegram link provided below


Nice app :+1: what is database? Firebase or airtable etc

It has been mentioned.