[Paid] Offline dictionary app with over 28000 words for 7500 INR (Indian Rupees)

Buy offline dictionary app project file in just 7500 INR (Indian Rupees). Offline dictionary app with over 28,000 words, but you can add more words to it.

App link here
Note :-
I will help you to customize the app
I will tell you a shortcut way to add words to it.
Contact before payment :point_down:t2:
Pay here PayPal

Please don’t share personal information like email id’s,etc… publicly.You should ask them to send you a pm instead.
Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

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Please remove your email :relaxed:

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Thank you Mohamed Tamer

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And nice app :+1:

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Already removed

You have already published this app on the play store then why are you selling it.

No one will buy already published app.

If someone will buy it from you and publish it on play store then play store may reject/suspend it.

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You can change the language of the dictionary according to your requirement. Just like English to Hindi dictionary, Hindi to English or English to Japanese Dictionary etc…