[PAID] Offline Taboo game with airtable cache

Taboo game that you can play in teams.

When the application is first opened, it downloads the cards you created in Airtable and keeps them in the phone’s memory. After that you can play the game offline. To download the latest cards in Airtable, just click the “Download Updates” button and wait a few seconds (the waiting time may be longer depending on the number of cards). When you start the game, it asks you for the number of rounds, time and number of teams and organizes your game accordingly. You can choose lap number between 1 and 8, time between 20 and 100(seconds), and team between 1 and 4. At the bottom of both screens, you can make your own ad (for example, an Instagram account ad). Changes can be applied.



APK for testing:
quiz (1).apk (6.0 MB)

If you wanna buy pm me after making payment
Paypal: paypal.me
Price: 16$

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Epic work !


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Thank you!