[PAID] Onesignal Push - Implement OneSignal push notification in your apps

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Can I publish my app on the Play Store with this extension? The old one had an android:exported error


The solutions are already provided for that.

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Onesignal Push v1.1

This is a new update for the current onesignal push.



This event raises when the app is opened by clicking on the action button of the notification.


If you want to make your notification vibrate in vibrate mode then set vibrate. It will make always make sound if the device is in normal mode.

Note: Notification Opened and ActionButtonClicked events work for all android version.


Action buttons are supported now with this extension.
Note:- Group messages are not supported with this extension, you can only send a simple notification with large icons, big pictures, and action buttons. This extension does not give you all features of one signal notification.


A discount for the extension: Price is reduced to 500₹ or 11 USD.
Discount validity:

Starting time: 22 October 2022 at 10 AM IST
Ending time: 25 October 2022 at 10 AM IST

The price will be the same after the end time.


Download the updated version if you have already purchased it or you can purchase it from here.
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  • Google Play purchase fee has been reduced to 16% from 30%.
  • Stripe payment gateway is available now.

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I would like to know if this extension will definitely replace the old extension (Firebase cloud Messaging) and it is no longer necessary to use the native Push component

It depends on your requirement. For newly published apps, this extension is completely stable. If you are updating an old app, then you may face some crashes (for those users who don’t open the app after updating them for the first time).

You might want to read the description of the extension.

This extension is also a type of fix for the current native onesignal issue in devices > android 11. For devices below android 12, the native onesignal component is responsible for showing notifications.
Note: Your app will crash with this extension if you did not used the native onesignal component.

Quoting you from your earlier post:

You don’t need any onesignal fix for using FCM, it seems that you were using the older onesignal fix for FCM that is not required. You only need to drag the native push notification component for FCM nothing else.

ok, the problem is that with the new update from kodular to api31, this error happens when exporting aab. to play store (android: exported). In the community it is said that the onsignal component is causing this problem. Then delete the component and it worked. I wonder if I will have to change the manifest to work correctly?
android: exported = true

Upload your app to Google Play to find it out
And in case there still is an issue with android:exported, then you are using another extension which needs a SDK31 upgrade


That’s the whole point, because either PushNotification is causing the below error or the FCM . That’s why I asked (@iamwsumit ) if the extension FCM is updated for the same. Taking into account that the FCM extension needs the PushNotification component to work.

You uploaded an APK or Android App Bundle that has an activity, activity alias, service, or broadcast receiver with an intent filter, but without the “android:exported” property set. The file cannot be installed on Android 12 or newer. Go to: Behavior changes: Apps targeting Android 12  |  Android Developers

We do not know, which extensions you are using in your project… if you provide a list, we could probably identify the extension, which still needs an update… also make sure to always use the latest versions…


I already said that if I delete the Push Notification component and FCM extension , it works perfect. I just need to know what to do. Edit manifest or wait for kodular to fix android:exported

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The push notification component isn’t causing any problems related to this. Make sure you are using the latest version of FCM, the latest version of FCM is v1.4.7.
Get the latest version from here

PM me if you still face problems with FCM.

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sorry for any inconvenience, I was using an outdated version of the FCM extension .1.4.3

What is External User ID ? is it similar to tag ? i just bought the extension and i want to send notification to a particular user. earlier i used the tag. how can i do that in here?

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How did you use the tag?

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Use the send tag option in your native push notification menu and send unique value pair from your users app. like user id, phone number. you can send notification by filtering these tag values from your admin app.


Thank you very much!

which extension do you consider better or more stable… one signal or firebase

Onesignal is far more reliable than FCM.
Here is a blog of onesignal about why you should use onesignal over FCM.

If you ask my opinion, then onesignal is always better for those who just want to receive push notification with more stability without doing much work. Onesignal provides you many features such as user stats etc.

In kodular, onesignal library is outdated now and with this extension you can only receive simple notification with action buttons and pictures. In next update, I will make this extension independently with the latest onesignal SDK and you would not be required to use native component that is far outdated. That version will also work in all other distros.

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Onesignal Push v1.2.0

This is a new major update for Onesignal push.

As said earlier, this extension is now migrated and created independently with onesignal latest SDK v4.8.3. The topic has been updated accordingly. You can find more details and all the blocks on the top of the post or here:

The price has been increased since there are much new features added with the latest onesignal SDK.
The updated price is:

The extension size has been increased now to 1.4MB that will be reduced by the next update.