[Latest SDK] OneSignal - Push Notification [PAID] - v5.1.17


Hello everyone, Hope you are fine. I am back with most awaited onesignal extension with all updated libraries of OneSignal and Firebase as well.
OneSignal is the market leading self-serve customer engagement solution for Push Notifications, Email, SMS & In-App. There was many issue reported from the extension of other dev. So i have tried to solve it and the perfect solution i have found is to use apk editor studio of devzstore(Single click work). So without further discussion lets proceed to documentation.

All Blocks



This block can be used to initialize on signal sdk in you app.

OneSignal State
These event will be triggered when any of the state in sdk is changed.
IsSubscribed => Let you know if user have subscribed.
userId => Unique id of the user’s device
isNoticationEnabled => returns true if notification is enabled.

Managing Notification

This block is used to send the notification,

This event will be triggered when notification will be opened.
NotificationId => Id of the notification clicked.
ActionType => This will let you know of notification is Opened or any ActionTaken
ActionId => Id of the action button.
JsonData => Json response of the Notification.

This event will be triggered when notification will be sent.

This event will be triggered when notification will be sent is Failed.

Clearnig notifcation
Used to clearing notification with id or clearing all notification at once.

Optional Features

Managing External User id

SendExternalUserId => This block can be used to assign a unique id to the user helps to send notification to any particular user.

RemoveExternalUserId => Used to remove the external id of the user.

Android 13

The release of Android 13 comes with many push subscription changes. Users will now be asked to opt in to receiving push notifications, instead of opting in by default and having to opt out. So you have to ask for the permission for notification from the user.

SDKs and Previews

One Signal => 4.8.3
Firebase Messaging => 23.1.1
Android Worktime => 2.7.1

Android 5

Android 44

Android 12

Android 13

Price and How to buy?

Price - 800 or $12
Dm me to buy
Buy it from Devzstore

Thanks hope you like it.


Nice one :relaxed:

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Zabardast Extension Hai bhayi ka , sabse Sasta , Great Working

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I would like to test it! How can I?

Hi Check you dm

Can I test the AIX?

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Send me a personal message

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push notification for all user?

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Yes. It’s for all as well as one user.

Can you help me on how to ask for permission on Android 13?

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Further testing showed that when I edit APK and target SDK 33, notification dialog pops up correctly. The problem with that is I can’t publish APK, so I would need a way to tell Kodular to export AAB already targeting SDK 33 (Android 13). Does anyone know a way around this?

I think it can be handled with existing blocks. else i’ll add seperate block for it.

hi i need to check its working or not because the last developer extension is a total mess and he did not support also and i wasted my 500

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Ok i’ll share test apk to you in your dm

I am interested, Any demo?

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Sent you personal message.

also let me know, what if the current onesignal SDK is outdated? then?
because older free “onesignal fix” are also outdated and no longer usable

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SDK will get updated.

so we have to buy again?

not replied?