[Latest SDK] OneSignal - Push Notification [PAID] - v5.1.17

No. There will be little update charge

Is the Extension still avaible? I can’t find it in your Store.

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sent you a message

i have another extension Android 14 ready and instant notification send, schedule feature available, check DM if needed

link not working

please help to buy

You can message him on Telegram.

See Personal mesage

I already using inbuild component to receive onesignal notifications which works OK. The only problem I still face, there is not notification permission asking dialog box opens for latest android. And in app’s settings shows ‘Notifications not allowed’.
I want that dialog box only. Please tell me

  1. is there any other extension for notification ask dialogBox
  2. will this extension solve my issue, then how to buy

it will work only for Android 11 and below

That too works, only if the Discontinued Onesignal Fix extension is used in the project,
Default Onesignal component doesn’t work because of it’s outdated libraries

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if there is issue of dialogue i can add it in next version

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Ckeck out these post by @vknow360 for free onesignal extension with ask permission.

Where to find demo app?

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no demo apk is provided due to security reason

SDK Version - 5.1.17

OneSignal Android SDK is a powerful tool for integrating push notifications into Android applications, allowing for effective user engagement and communication. It supports a wide range of features including segmentation, automation, and rich media notifications. Additionally, it provides robust analytics and real-time reporting to optimize notification strategies and improve user retention.

Why this one is the best ?

  • All latest libraries used - google, androidx
  • No common google library error
  • Work with any firebase component
  • Supports in-app messages
  • Notification click working
  • Added ask Permission Screen


TestAIA block


Android 14

Android 13

DM me to buy