[PAID] OneSignalPush: Implement push notifications using OneSignal SDK ($10 or INR 701)

OneSignalPush Extension

This extension ships with one of the most stable One Signal SDK which is (4.8.7) . You can easily receive push notifications sent from OneSignal dashboard in your app. You can send notifications to all subs and individuals. You can send a customized notification also.

1. Overview

LatestVersion: 1
Released: 2024-04-29T18:30:00Z
Last Updated: 2024-04-29T18:30:00Z
Permissions: android.permission.ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE , android.permission.POST_NOTIFICATIONS

Aix Size: 1.1mb

2. Blocks

3. Documentation


GotAllTags Event raised after getting user's tags
tagDictionary | dictionary
NotificationOpened Event raised when user opens notification by clicking on it while app is in foreground
id | number
data | text
NotificationReceived Event raised when a notification is received
id | number
data | text
ActionButtonClicked Event raised when user opens notification by clicking Action Button
id | number
actionId | text
data | text
SubscriptionChanged Event raised when subscription state changes
isSubscribed | boolean
userId | text
pushToken | text
PermissionStateChanged Event raised when notification permission state changes
isGranted | boolean
NotificationSent Event raised when notification was sent successfully
NotificationSendFailed Event raised when notification sending failed
errorMsg | text


Initialize Initialize OneSignal sdk with specified App Id
appId | text
ClearNotification Clears notifications with specified id
id | number
ClearAllNotifications Clears all notifications posted by OneSignal
RemoveExternalId Removes user's external id
AskPermission Asks for Notification permission in Android 13 and above
IsSubscribed Returns user's subscription status
EnablePush Enable Push notifications
DisablePush Disable Push notifications
GetUserId Returns user id
GetPushToken Returns push token
AddTag Add tag to user
tag | text
value | text
RemoveTag Remove tag from user
tag | text
SetExternalId Sets current user's external id
id | text
GetAllTags Fetches user's all tags from OneSignal
IsPermissionGranted Returns whether notification permission has been granted or not
RetrieveBackgroundNotifs Retrieve all cached notifications which were received when app was closed
ClearBackgroundNotifs Clears all cached notifications
SendToAllSubscribers Send notification to all subscribed users
apiKey | text
appId | text
title | text
body | text
largeIcon | text
data | dictionary
SendToSubsIDs Send notification to all specified User Ids
apiKey | text
appId | text
ids | list
title | text
body | text
largeIcon | text
data | text
SendCustomNotif Send custom notification
apiKey | text
jsonString | text


Email Sets user email
Property Type : write-only
Accepts : text
SmsNumber Sets user phone number
Property Type : write-only
Accepts : text
Property Type : write-only
Accepts : text

4. Usages

Initialize OneSignal sdk

Ask for Notification Permission (will be asked only on Android 13 and above versions

Then Enable Push Notifications i.e. Subscribe User

Subscription State will be changed after EnablePush method

Now you can send Push Notifications

Set custom Small Icon

Custom icon can be set only from assets
You can generate small here from here
Requires Android Marshamallow (Api 23)

5. Demo Video and Images

Android 14

6. Purchase Extension

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is this working with firebase auth component ?

Great extension with cheap and affordable price :smiley:

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