[FREE] OneSignalPush: Integrate latest OneSignal SDK (5.0.2) in your app to send Push notifications [DEPRECATED]

1. Introduction

This extension ships with latest One Signal SDK. You can easily receive push notifications sent from OneSignal dashboard in your app.
You can send notifications to all subs and individuals. You can send a customized notification also.

Latest Version: 3
Last Updated: 2023-12-08T18:30:00Z

2. Blocks

3. Usages


You can find aix and aia file here:


Thanks to @Gordon_Lu for apk

5. Support me

It takes a lot of time and labour in creating one such extension.
Your donation will motivate me for sure.

Upi: vknow360@apl

Thank you.
Hope it helps!


not working

What is not working?

Can i receive OneSignal Push Notificitions ???

Proof that it works. @SN_Videos @Rindao_Narzary

Message sending feature will be added in next update but I won’t provide that unless you guys show some support.

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Does it work with Firebase auth?

No, it doesn’t work with firebase auth for now.
But, it doesn’t mean it can’t work in next update.
Everything depends on the kind of response I’ll be getting.

Tutorial about adding your app to OneSignal.

It would be convenient to indicate this in the publication, so that they are not constantly consulting or presenting errors referring to FB.

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well done its working now after trying gain n again


Init → Initialize OneSignal sdk
Ask → Ask notification permission (manadatory for Android 13)
OptIn → Subscribe to push notifications

If everything goes right then Label text will change to a list of 3 items: isSubscribed, pushToken and userId

[Optional] You can set external id (generally name of the user or something like that) by inputting value in textbox and then clicking Login button.

Add Tag adds a tag Device with value Android to the user.

Yes, even if app is closed. Clicking on notification will lead you to app and then clicking Init will retrieve notification information.

Initialization should be done every time app is opened only to retrieve notification which opened app otherwise it would be done internally.

Clear Notifs removes notification.


great extension .i use firebase aunth so i cant use that . i hope fixed soon

Which file I want to download?

These two:

Import and add both to screen.

Please fix it. Also add option to send notification to multiple users at once

What if you replace Firebase Auth component with an extension? That’s an easier option for me.

Sending feature is done.


It shows false dialog on Android 13 when I click Ask. How to fix it?

Kodular doesn’t target api 33.
That might be the reason as in AI2 I can see the permission dialog.

For now click on false and it will open app settings.

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To use this extension you need to have a premium account!!!