[PAID] ParticleCreator Extension ($4.4)


(Jerin Jacob) #1

Particle Creator



  • This extension can be used to create Particles, which are often used in games for a wide range of purposes: Explosions, fire, smoke, etc
  • You can create confetti effect( small pieces of colored paper traditionally thrown)

2.Methods & Properties



  • image: Set the image with which you want to create particles.
  • totalparticleNum: Create the total number of images.
  • particleLifeTime: Time after which particle disappear.

Note: Create multiple particleCreator method for new particles(recommended).


  • These are the properties that should be added to particleCreator, for various animation and effects to particles.

  • particleCreator: it is the particle creator which you used for creating particles.





Note: Anyone of the below method is needed to emit particles.




3.Sample Blocks



5.Video preview

4.Buy Now

Instant Buy - Using Paypal ($4.4)

Pay by PayPal ($4.4) (Contact privately after payment)

Pay By Paytm (Rs270/-) (Contact privately after payment)

5.Report and Suggest

  • Don’t forget to post your suggestions, bugs, errors and new improvements to this extension.

Anyone make this extension? Or have this one?
(Furina) #2

Keep up to good work :heart_eyes::+1::+1:

(A Tech) #3

Keep up to good work
nice extension

(Androteq) #4

I have to buy this

(Jerin Jacob) #5

You can use any payment method given in the first post.

(Androteq) #6

I have buyed thanks

(Androteq) #7

Can you make custom extension

(Jerin Jacob) #8

Which type, please explain.

(Androteq) #9

I have to make tapjoy offerwall and video ads extension

(Androteq) #10

And also text marquee extension

(Androteq) #11

Contact me please 7632903162

(Androteq) #12

Please reply sir

(Androteq) #13

I want to make text marquee and tapjoy offerwall and video extension I give payment for this

(Jerin Jacob) #14

I think there is already a text Marquee extension.
If not I can create and not sure about tapjoy.

If you want extensions that are not exist, create #Iwant topic so that everyone can see it.

(Androteq) #15

Marquee text extension already naked can you send me link

(Jerin Jacob) #16

I’m not sure,may be I can create if it doesn’t exist.

(Androteq) #17

Please create I will give you payment please

(Harsh Pratap Singh) #18

its not naked its maked

(David Ningthoujam) #19

this might be helpful for you!