Bop, Shake, Slide!

I converted an AppyBuilder game to Kodular. Only had to remove the spacer component before importing it.

You have to just follow the instructions that are spoken to you and are visible on your screen. Press the button. Slide your finger across the square or shake your phone.

I used the ParticleCreator Extension [PAID] ParticleCreator Extension ($4.4)
and it is working great. I use it when you gain a point.

Movie from an older version.

The AB version is live on Google Play. It will be updated soon to the Kodular version.

Here you can download the Kodular version.
bopshakeslide.apk (5.0 MB)


Great job @Peter . Good to know import was smooth


I have this app of yours in my phone. I play it! :blush: