[Paid] PDFViewerZ - Create customizable Pdf View

Mention the repo owner GitHub - barteksc/AndroidPdfViewerV1: Android view for displaying PDFs rendered with PdfiumAndroid


Can we use this extension to open pdf online from database?

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Yes you can

extension size

Will update these kinda data soon in the first post.

Have a look

I want that extension. How can I contact you?

If you add URL To View PDF then i will buy this extension…

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That’s already added.

Where is the block? There are only Path

You can use url too in that…

Path = URL is Same??:thinking:

Can say​:rofl::rofl:

You can use assets pdf,url and file path

This method is work on your extensions?

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Yes… in the same way…

can it load PDF File from Google Drive Online???

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You are promoting a paid extension in other’s paid extension topic?

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can you give me a test apk with more than 1000+ pages (host on Google Drive)

Yes you can and it uses native lib so you can easily load 1000pages pdf… you can share me test link