[Paid] PDFViewerZ - Create customizable Pdf View


Hey everyone, Hope you are fine.
Today I am going to introduce my first aar based extension that uses native libraries and xml resources.
As we know there are lots of webview based and basic extension for pdf view but all have some limitations.
I have tried my best to make this pdfviewer that of lots of customization and features to use.



Get all the meta information of the PDF file like title,author,creator,producer,etc

Layout Inflate Error
**message ** - Get error related to XML layouts.

On Error
message - Get all error occurs other than pages and Layout inflation.

page - page number
**message ** - Get all error occurs in any page loading.

Event is triggered when pdf page is drawn to the screen…
pagetHeight - Height of the loaded pages
pageWidth - Width of the loaded pages
displayedPage - Page number which is drawn for displaying.

Load Complete - Triggered when pdf load is completed
totalPages - Total number of pages in pdf

OnPageChanged - Triggered when Page is changed from one to another
page - Page number of active page to which page is changed
pageCount - Total number of pages

page - Active Page Number
positionOffset - Scrolled positon of the pdf

OnClick - Triggered when user clicks on the PdfView
x - Get x position of the click with respect to PdfView.
y - Get y position of the click with respect to PdfView.

OnLongClick - Triggered when user long clicks on the PdfView
x - Get x position of the click with respect to PdfView.
y - Get y position of the click with respect to PdfView.


Add PDFView to the arrangement you want.

LoadPdf - Load Pdf from Internal storage, Assets or URL
path - String path of the pdf file. For assets must use prefix asset: with file name.
password - If pdf have password, set password else leave empty string.

GetMetaData - Get meta data of the pdf. Triggers event GotMetaData Event.

How to Use?

This extension uses native library and XML resources. So to use this app you’ll have to rebuild the extension from devzstore as it will be one of the easiest way instead of doing in manually.

Sizing of apk/aab

After rebuilding apk the size of will become around 24mb. And for aab size will be same as apk that is around 24mb. Dont be panic!!!
When you’ll upload aab to playstore the installable size of app will be around 8mb-10mb.

How to download?

You can buy it directly from devzstore. Or send me a message.
Price - 700inr or $10usd


Thanks you :brown_heart:
Hope you’ll like it. :brown_heart:


Mention the repo owner GitHub - barteksc/AndroidPdfViewerV1: Android view for displaying PDFs rendered with PdfiumAndroid


Can we use this extension to open pdf online from database?

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Yes you can

extension size

Will update these kinda data soon in the first post.

Have a look

I want that extension. How can I contact you?

If you add URL To View PDF then i will buy this extension…

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That’s already added.

Where is the block? There are only Path

You can use url too in that…

Path = URL is Same??:thinking:

Can say​:rofl::rofl:

You can use assets pdf,url and file path

This method is work on your extensions?

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Yes… in the same way…

can it load PDF File from Google Drive Online???

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You are promoting a paid extension in other’s paid extension topic?

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can you give me a test apk with more than 1000+ pages (host on Google Drive)